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New Bike Feel - $399.99

Name says it all, get that new bike feel!

Make your bike good as new.  We will perform a complete rebuild and install any new parts.

  • Strip bicycle to frame, remove all components
  • No additional labor charges for installing any new components
  • Ultrasonic deep cleaning of drivetrain
  • True and Tension front and rear wheels
  • Labor for install of brake/shift cables
  • Labor for install of bar wrap/grips
  • Clean, lube, and reinstall all components
  • One follow up shift adjustment

Annual Tune - $129.99

Think of it as your bike’s annual checkup.

Preventative care is the best performance policy. With this service, we will strip, clean, and lube all of the gears, clean the frame, set-up your brakes, and true & tension the wheels.

  • Ultrasonic deep cleaning of drivetrain
  • True and tension front and rear wheels
  • Adjust brake pads, cables and levers
  • Adjust front and rear derailleur
  • Headset and BB adjustment
  • Check torque on all bolts
  • Includes labor of installing a new drivetrain

Basic Service - $79.99

Just the basics for a smooth ride.

We will adjust your shifting & brakes.  Clean your bike & lube your chain.  Also included is airing up your tires and performing a safety check.

  • Surface cleaning of frame and wheels
  • Adjust brake pads, cables and levers
  • Adjust front and rear derailleur
  • Headset adjustment
  • Wipe excess oil off drivetrain
  • Wheel true

Safety Check - $34.99

Give yourself peace of mind.

This service doesn't include any parts or cleaning.  It's a simple check to ensure that everything is in working order, if we find anything wrong we can give you a price and timeline for repair.

  • Check all aspects of the bike
  • Tighten any bolts/QR’s that are loose
  • Make sure components are installed correctly
  • Straighten bars
  • Inflate tires
  • Lube chain

A La Cart Service Menu

V/Road Brake Adjustment$15
Disc Brake Adjust$20
V/Road Brake Install$25
Disc Brake Install (per brake)$50
V/Road Brake Pad Install$20
Install Rotor$15
Disc Brake Pad Install$15
Hydraulic Brake Bleed (per brake)$40

Cable Replacement (Der or Brake)$15
Cable Replacement All$50
Di2 Install$140
Internal Cable Install (each)$30
Chainring Install$15
Cassette/Freewheel Install$15
Chain Install$10
Chain Guide Install$40
Drivetrain Install$40
Bottom Bracket Install$30
Crankset Install $20
Derailleur Adjustment$20
Derailleur Install$25
Derailleur Hanger Alignment$25
Drop Bar Installation inc tape and shift inst.$40
Handlebar Tape Installation$25
Grip Install$5
Riser/Flat Bar Installation$25
Pivot Overhaul (w/o Parts)$100
Bike Build from Box$100
Box Bike for Shipping$100
Pro Bike Build (frame up)$200
Drive Train Cleaning$60
Bike Detail/Cleaning$120
Dropper Post Install $50
Dropper Post Service$120
Ebike Firmware Update$30
E-bike 1 hour minimum diagnosis$80
Ebike motor replacement$80
STI Shifters Instillation$60
MTB Shifters Install (single)$25
Suspension Fork Service (seals separate)$125
Fork Lower Leg Service (without seals)$70
Steer Cut (w/ Removal)$50
Fork Steerer Cut Fork Only$10
Fork Installation$50
Star Nut Installation$5
Crown Race Installation$5
Shock Bushing Installation$25
Air Sleeve Maintenance$50
Headset Adjustment$10
Headset Install$40
Hub Bearing Preload$20
Hub Overhaul$40
Free Hub Body Installation$35
Tube/Tire Install$10
Hub Motor Tube/Tire replacement$30
Tubeless Tire Replacement (includes sealant)$15
Tubeless Tire Installation (includes tape and sealant)$30
Wheel True$20
Wheel True w/ Spoke installation$30
Tubular Tire Installation/Glueing$50
Tubular Wheel Cleaning and Prep$25
Wheel Build$60
Training Wheel Installation$15
Bike Fit Basic $80
Bike Fit Comprehensive$150
Computer Installation$15
GPS Computer Installation$30
Child Seat Installation$25
Fenders Installation$25
Di2 Firmware Update$30
Electronic Diagnostics$30 and up
Rear Rack Installation$20
Car Rack Installation Strap/Hitch$10
Car Rack Installation Roof$40
Cleat Install$10
Pedal Install$10
Mirror Install$10
Dirty Bike Fee$20
Eccentric BB adjustment$25
Tailored Kit$200
Covered/Essential Kit$100
Tailored Fork Kit$100
Estimates are Free
Free accessory installation 
at time of bike purchase
As the industry changes, bikes become more and more unique and may require more time than slated.

Do you have a full suspension MTB?  Have you serviced your suspension recently?  Did you know that Fox and RockShox recommend you service your fork every 50 hours?

When you ignore your regular suspension service, all that dirt and grit works its self into the inner workings of your shock or fork and can wreak havoc.  Wait too long and your suspension will be non-serviceable. 

A replacement RockShox Pike 150mm 29er fork would cost you around $900, the $70 lowers service for that fork is much more affordable.

Bring your bike in for a free suspension assessment for more details!

Send our bike mechanics a message.

Your bicycle should be serviced regularly and if you are a heavy user your bike should be serviced more often.  A properly setup and tuned bike will function much better and sometimes even a simple chain lube will make or break your ride.  Our service professionals can help you determine how to best take care of your new or old bike.  Click below to message either of our service departments.

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