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Your local bicycle shop of 28 years!
Shredding Since 1995!

Basic Ski & Board Tune

Just the basics

  • Belt sand
  • Edge sharpen
  • Wax

Annual Ski Tune

Get it done once a year

  • Stone grind
  • Edge sharpen
  • Wax

Comprehensive Ski Tune

High performance tune for speed!

  • Custom pattern base grind
  • Edge sharpen
  • Iron wax

All Season Ski Tune

Keep your skis running fast EVERY WEEK.

  • Comprehensive tune PLUS
  • WEEKLY Edge sharpen
  • WEEKLY Wax

Add on Ski Tune

Edge Sharpen $29.99

Iron Wax $44.99

Buff Wax $29.99

Base Repair Hourly 

Binding Mounting Coming soon

Binding Testing Coming soon

Touring Binding Mounting Coming soon