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Want to help raise money for the youth? Bring your bike in for a Winter Overhaul Special!

This year we are going to be donating the full amount of 3 peoples Winter Overhaul Special tune ups towards one of three local youth MTB racing team.  The Crazy Chains are the Great Barrington local team, The Shire Shredders as the Pittsfield local team and The Taconic Trekkers as the Hudson local team.

The deal is this - When you come to pick up your bike after receiving the New Bike Feel overhaul, you will get a chance to take ONE NERF basketball shot.  If you sink the shot, we will take the full amount of your tune up after check out and donate it to the designated youth team!

Its a win - win!  Call today to get your bike in the schedule!

Rental bikes go on sale Black Friday 10am

Pre-shop all the deals - Bikes go on sale Friday at 10am!