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The Berkshire Bike & Board Team

We are Dedicated Domestiques!

Since 1998 we have been passionate about getting people rolling on 2 wheels.  Whether it is just cruising around the neighborhood with your kids,  mountain biking in the woods, long road bike rides in the summer or commuting to work, we are dedicated to making sure your ride is as smooth as can be.  We are lucky to have a team of cyclists here at Berkshire Bike and Board that all share the same passion of riding bicycles.

Meet the Team

Steffen Root


7 in 10 chance that this guy sold you a bike, and his favorite hobby is getting people hooked on Shimano Di2 and Specialized TURBO!  On his days off he can be found weed wacking and pumping up his kids bounce house.

Dave Clark


If you have been involved in the mountain bike community within a 50 mile radius then you know Dave as the ringleader and craft beer hander outer.  On his days off you can find Dave bringing his kids to basketball and hitting some MTB trails in between games.

Jaryn Pierson

General Manager

Barspins, town line sprints, enduro wins off the couch... Jaryn has it like that.  He is also good at reading, cooking and wearing clogs.  On his days off he can be found reading the newspaper and going to bed at 7:45pm.

Levi Z Brown

Service Manager

Have any questions about a Santa Cruz MTB or Fox Shox? Levi will know the answer without having to look it up. Need a funny joke, just ask Levi. Need to play a prank on Jay? Levi will drop what he is doing to help. He also likes sitting by the campfire drinking a La Croix seltzer.


Forest Borden

Great Barrington Manager

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Forest Borden flying through the air with the greatest of ease!  Forest may not know how to ride road bikes but he sure can rip on the MTB. Catch him working, a lot, to hold it all together down in Great Barrington!

Jay Elling

Pittsfield Manager

You know that guy that always throws down the watts at the BBB holiday party? THIS IS HIM! Known to help a customer buy an inner tube and then sell them a new e-bike. You can find Jay cruising with his family on some rollerskates or riding local dirt roads at 6am on his days off.

Vic Sparano

Hudson Manager

If you want to teach your dog how to jump really far into water, Vic is your guy. He's also pretty good at helping you find your new dream bike !

Keith Goeben

Bloomfield Manager

JoeBen (as we like to call him) comes to us with many years of bike shop experience.  You won't find a guy happier to either help out a customer or work on a whistlin' diesel in cowboy boots. JoeBen to the rescue !

Tucker Shearer

Great Barrington Service Writer

Tucker likes turtles.  He also likes skiing, doing push ups, and racing ESC in the PRO category. Wow, what a well rounded young man.

Noah Kornbluh

Hudson Service Writer

Mr Kornbluh, probably one of the nicest guys here at BBB. Link up with Noah and he will help out with all your Bicycle Service needs.

Steve Wittek

Pittsfield Service Writer

Pittsfield shop head mechanic and service writer with tons of experience. Quiet but sociable and approachable. Steve can be found riding his mountain bike around Greylock Glen, painting a mural  or creating works of art with old bike parts.

Ian Newman

Bloomfield Service Writer

Probably the guy at BBB with the most bike mechanic experience. Ian can help to troubleshoot all your bicycle's aches and pains, however complicated they may be !

Nic Piretti

Buyer & Bike Fit Specialist

Ever wondered who drives the sweet tricked out Jeep pickup outside the shop? I think he has swapped out every stock thing on the truck and customized it. Nic loves mountain biking, pranking Levi and making people walk like a duck when they ask him a PT question.

Dave Funk

Great Barrington Head Mechanic

Veteran auto mechanic and race car driver turned bicycle enthusiast. On the weekends you can find Dave cruising the hills on his Specialized Como and drinking a home brew. He also is good at fly fishing, really good.

Nora Fenner

Great Barrington Retail Professional

When not on the sales floor in GB, Nora can be found leading the Wednesday night ladies road ride or leading a Monday night yoga class at the GB shop.

Join the BBB Team!

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