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Aventon E-bikes

Looking for an e-bike that won't break the bank?  Aventon has a huge selection of bikes $2000 and below!  All Aventon bikes are Class-2 e-bikes that means they have a throttle for assistance.  5 levels of assistance means you will climb any hill with ease!

Shop our selection of INSTOCK Aventon E-bikes below.

Serial 1 E-bikes by Harley Davidson

Now this company has some experience with making fun 2 wheelers!  The Serial 1 E-bikes come in both Class 1 (20mph max assist) and Class 3 (28mph max assist).  All of the Serial 1 bikes have a belt drive which makes for a quiet and maintenance free ride!  Automatic shifting always makes sure you are in the correct gear.

Shop our selection of IN STOCK Serial 1 E-bikes below.

$2,999.40 - $4,999.00

VAAST E-bikes

Looking to replace some or all of your trips that you would normally take with your car?  The VAAST e-bikes will make easy work of any grocery store run with its sturdy front and rear racks system.  The front and rear suspension will make the ride smoother and more enjoyable!

Shop our selection of INSTOCK VAAST E-bikes below.