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BBB USED Specialized SL6 UDI2 54 GB

BBB USED Specialized SL6 UDI2 54 GB
This item is currently not available.


All of our used bikes come in as trade ins from other customers. Before they are put out for sale, they are gone through by our mechanics. This bike uses Shimano electronic shifting, and the charger will be provided upon pickup.

- Are you shipping these to customers?
YES WE WILL, there is a $300 flat fee to box and ship.
- Is there a warranty on these bikes?
There is no warranty.
- Are there free tune ups on these bikes?
No, we don't offer free tune ups on used, rental, or demo bikes purchased from us.
- Are there any accessories that come with the bike?
All bikes will be sold as is and are priced accordingly.
- Which store can I pick my bike up from?
The bikes can be picked up at all locations, but the location will need to be specified via checkout notes during checkout.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of our stores via phone or email.

Part Numbers

BBBUSEDSL654 210000069884