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Ambassador Program


Discounts on bikes: 20% OFF
Up to 2 per year as long as the ambassador account is in good standing

Discounts on equipment: 30% OFF
No limitations on EQ orders but all orders need to be approved by the store manager first

Complimentary BBB Apparel
1 free jersey per year

Event Support Packages
Based on a proposal given by the ambassador and approved by BBB management.



  • Must lead 1 BBB group ride per month 
  • OR Must attend 2 BBB group rides per month

Volunteer Time

  • Must put together and lead one event between April to September
  • Dig day / repair clinic / trail cleanup / 1 off group ride etc
  • (run wild here people!)

Social Media

  • Must put together x1 social media post per month April to September
  • Must repost x2 BBB social media posts per month April to September


Q: Can I buy a bike for my family member?
A: Ambassador only (if this gets abused, privileges will be revoked immediately)

Q: How do we track the current status?
A: Ambassadors will update Google form as they check boxes (within one week of completion)

Q: What happens if I lapse on my duties?
A: Privileges will be suspended until your account is back in good standing

Interested in joining our Ambassador team?