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Your local bicycle shop of 27 years!
Shredding Since 1995!

The Berkshire Bike and Board Team

The Berkshire Bike and Board Team.

Since 1998 we have been passionate about getting people rolling on 2 wheels.  Wether it is just cruising around the neighborhood with your kids,  mountain biking in the woods, long road bike rides in the summer or commuting to work, we are dedicated to making sure your ride is as smooth as can be.  We are lucky to have a team of cyclist here at Berkshire Bike and Board that all share the same passion of riding bicycles.

Steffen Root - Owner

7 in 10 chance that this guy sold you a bike, and his favorite hobby is getting people hooked on Shimano Di2 and Specialized TURBO!  On his days off he can be found weed wacking and pumping up his kids bounce house.

Call Steffen 413-528-5554 

Dave Clark - Owner

If you have been involved in the mountain bike community within a 50 mile radius then you know Dave as the ringleader and craft beer hander outer.  On his days off you can find Dave bringing his kids to basketball and hitting some MTB trails in between games.

Call Dave 413-445-8887

Jaryn Pierson - General Manager

Barspins, town line sprints, enduro wins off the couch... Jaryn has it like that.  He is also good at reading, cooking and wearing clogs.  On his days off he can be found reading the newspaper and going to bed at 7:45pm.

Call Jaryn 413-528-5555 ext 7

Jay Elling - Marketing & E-commerce Manager

You know that guy that always throws down the watts at the BBB holiday party? THIS IS HIM!  Known to help a customer buy an inner tube and then sell them a new e-bike.  You can find Jay cruising with his family on some rollerskates or riding local dirt roads at 6am on his days off.

Schedule a meeting with Jay

Call Jay 413-528-5555 ext 8


Forest Borden - Great Barrington Manager

You might have seen Forest backflipping his bike on our Instagram.

Zach Benjamin - Pittsfield Manager

Zach can be found on his days off shredding the Greylock Glen and housing XL burritos.

Vic Sparano - Hudson Manager

If you like dogs then Vic is your dude.  He trains dogs how to jump really really far into water, Dock Diving look it up!

Keith Goeben - Bloomfield Manager

Tucker Shearer - Great Barrington Service Writer

Tucker likes turtles.

Noah Kornbluh - Hudson Service Manager

Steve Wittek - Pittsfield Service Manager

Pittsfield shop head mechanic and service writer with tons of experience. Quiet but sociable and approachable. Steve can be found riding his mountain bike around Greylock Glen, painting a mural with some spray paint or creating works of art with old bike parts.

Ian Newman - Bloomfield Service Manger

Nora Fenner - Great Barrington Retail Professional

When not on the sales floor in GB, Nora can be found leading the Wednesday night ladies road ride or leading a Monday morning yoga class.

Chris Hoover - Great Barrington Retail Professional

Is your TPS system is down? Chris can help transcode the cross-platform address so we can program the BIOS bandwidth!   Need a coat hook hung on the wall?  Chris will whip that up in a jiffy.   Oh yeah his dogs names are MegaByte and GigaByte.

Andrew Gillman - Pittsfield Retail Professional

Head of janitorial and overall appearances of the Pittsfield location aka Assistant Manager.  Andrew is pretty much the North county version of Seb... We are taking applications for DJ names for Andrew, he was pretty good at the BBB holiday party.

Wyeth Curtis - Great Barrington Retail Professional

No Wyeth is not an offspring of Steffen Root, but he is following the pathway Steffen has laid down through Waldorf schooling and the love of cycling.  Look out for Wyeth on the CX course!

John Forsberg - Monday Night Shift Coverer

Looking for that sweet new hack for your broken fatbike, John can help you out to get back out on to the trail.  Ask him about his speed clapping capabilities.

Craig Walton - Bicycle Delivery

More experience in the Berkshire cycling community than Steffen and Dave combined.  He remembers when people used to glue their tires on and all bike routes were uphill both clockwise and counter clockwise, while riding barefoot in 8 inches of snow.  Don't even mention disc brakes around Craig.

BBB Alumi

Gus Geremia

If anyone is looking for the most up to date info regarding cameras, Gopro video codec or snapchat then look no further.  In between quarantine video classes Gus can be found at the GB shop organizing the helmets.

Sebastian Lawson

Sebastian has only had one job so far and he has worked his way al the way up to CEO-intern.  He is aspiring to go to school in LA for film and hopefully he will become a successful film director so he can afford a real respectable car.

Ethan Simon - Pittsfield Shop Manager

Ethan is so addicted to mountain bike riding, he bought an electric MTB so he could keep riding after a few hours of acoustic riding.  Want to join the ebike lifestyle, he is the guy you want to talk to!

Bob Bertolino - Pittsfield Inventory Specialist

One of the most personable sales people on board at BBB, and can easily get on your level to satisfy any bike needs.  Bob loves to bike with his kids and drive around in his Subaru Outback while listening to hip hop.

Sean Guy - Great Barrington Mechanic

When he is not pumping up your tires, Sean can be found diggin sweet jumps and sending his bike off big jumps. He is the guy behind the PitViper sunglasses.

Sue Sacco - Pittsfield Retail Professional

Unicycles, MTB and tandem bikes are all part of her quiver, hard to say which she likes more... Either way you will find her on the trail shredding her favorite back yard singletrack trail network.