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Ready to Ride

What is ready to ride

The Berkshire Bike and Board Ready To Ride program allows us to offer our best in class customer service on some of the most affordable e-bikes and specialty bikes on the market.

Can I skip this?

No, Ready to Ride is a mandatory charge on certain bikes. That said you are more than welcome to order the bike directly from the manufacturer but what you will find is that this is in fact cheaper than what you will end up paying from them after shipping and having the bike professionally built from a bike shop, not to mention the free tune ups for a year !

What does Ready to Ride Cover?

  • Build Fee ($109)
  • 1 Year Free Tune Ups ($109 savings every Basic tune up you come in for)
  • Freight Charges ($100)
  • eBike Battery Recycling Fee ($15)

Are you sure my Battery Recycling Fee is covered with this?

Yes. We are charged for the battery recycling fee up front from manufacturers. When you go to recycle your battery down the line it won't cost you a thing!

Why are you only charging this on certain Brands?

We decided that it was in the best interest of our customers to sell and service certain 'direct to consumer' brands like Aventon and Velotric. That said, those brands aren't set up the same way as some more traditional manufacturers like Specialized, Cannondale, etc in regards to working with dealers. This was a way that we could continue to sell and stand behind products from Aventon and Velotric.

Beyond that this allows us to sell and build other specialty bikes such as trikes and recumbent bikes from some of the most respected brands in the industry.

What does Ready to Ride cost?

$199 at time of purchase of any applicable bike.

Ready to Ride Bikes