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Nevitrek Snowshoes NeviTrek Tracker 30
The tracker series is a more casual line of snowshoe for less demanding applications. Ideal for recreational walking and exercise. Complete with drag and wear minimizing Trail Tail, super strap binding System and 1/8” tempered aluminum forward, aft and center cleats. The decking material is lighter than the Adirondack series.
Dion Snowshoes Dion Model 121 - Quick Fit and Ice Cleat - White
The Model 121 w/QuickFit Binding and Ice Cleat is perfect for walking, running, or racing on packed snow. The stainless steel Ice Cleat ensures durability and versatility in poor conditions. Hand Crafted, Aircraft Grade Aluminum with Powdercoated Finish Sleeve-joined Tubing for Added Strength Neoprene Springs on Hinge for Constant Tension and Improved Articulation Lightweight, Abrasion Resistant Decking Interlocking Decking at Tip and Tail is covered with Polyurethane Scrape Plates and Double Riveted Quick-turn Fasteners for Interchangeable Bindings and Cleats Made in USA
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