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Your local bicycle shop of 27 years!
Shredding Since 1995!

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Bicycle Repair Service Rates

New Bike Buyer Checklist

Rental Coupons

EBIKEDEMO - Offer a customer a free 24h E-bike rental they can book at their leisure.

Demo Waiver


REWARD SIGN-UP - With each new customer, make sure to sign them up for our rewards program.  To do this you need to do 2 things... 

1. Grab their email address

2. During the sale enter "REWARD" as an item in their sale.

REWARD REEDEMER - If someone wants to redeem their rewards $'s do this...

1. Type in REWARDR as an item in their sale.

2. Enter the amount of $ that they have accumulated (they should show you their email with this #) as a negative number.

Promo Codes

BUY 3 GET 10 - If someone wants to buy 3 items (or more) and displays this email coupon, you can discount the items 10% off!

WEMISSYOU - This coupon gets someone $20 off a purchase of $100 or more.  Customer has to have one or more items totaling of $100 or more!

FOLLOW THE RULES - Each email coupon has specific rules and dates for validation.  Be sure to read the fine print.

Other Coupons

Farmers Market Coupons -  There are 2 coupons we hand out at farmers markets.  The customer should present a scan-able coupon to redeem.

$20 off a new Helmet 

$20 off any one tune up.

Link to print coupons

Great Barrington


Sales ext 1001 (customer dials 1)

Service ext 1002 (customer dials 2)

Jaryn ext 1007 (customer dials 7)

Jay ext 1008 (customer dials 8)

Wifi login - Bike4135285555



Sales ext 1011 (customer dials 1)

Service ext 1012 (customer dials 2)

Basement ext 1016 (customer dials 5)

Wifi login - Bike1234



Sales ext 1021 (customer dials 1)

Service ext 1022 (customer dials 2)

Wifi login - Bike5186607117