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Your local bicycle shop of 28 years!
Shredding Since 1995!

Our vision at Berkshire Bike and Board is to TRANSFORM lives by inspiring a cycling lifestyle.

The freedom of youth is nearly impossible to recreate. You can't hold a baby chick for the first time twice, or catch your first fish again. However, you can feel the wind in your hair and the sense of freedom you got from a bike. Here at Berkshire Bike and Board we invite everyone to reconnect with the most honest version of themselves.

We strive to create a place where everyone can embrace a cycling lifestyle. We encourage an all-inclusive community that welcomes those who march to the beat of their own drum.  We create opportunities for people to gather, make memories, and share their experiences.  We open our doors for anyone who has a lingering thought that a bike might just be a little bit of fun.  We are driven by our passion and our industry experience informs us. We strive to provide the best cycling experience possible.

Dedicated Domestiques

We are devoted to the community we serve and the people in it. You as our customer are the race leader and we support you. We will always stop to lend a tube, Share a C02 and a Few Cliff Blocks. 

We are Dedicated Domestiques!

Off the Front

In an industry filled with empty marketing promises and a profound lack of true innovation. We at Berkshire Bike and Board have the hearts and minds for true innovation. We look to partner with those brands and companies truly intrepid enough to brave the gaze of disapproval. We will always look to the horizon through the lens of innovation

We are off the Front!

Empowerment as action

“Make it so number one” is a phrase often said at Bike and Board. We trust our staff and we trust their judgement. We empower our team to dream big and know that their destiny is what they make it. We support bold and ambitious projects that push the envelope of what is possible.

Feel Empowered and take Action!