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Bike Fitting

Buying a bike is one of the most important days of your life.  The second most important is making sure that it fits your body correctly.  An ill-fitted bike can cause pain and repetitive cycle-induced stress injuries.  To make sure that you stay comfortable, safe, and healthy while enjoying your new ride, we recommend having our trained professionals fit you.  We will spend 1-2 hours with you ensuring that you're dialed in (see below for more information).  Our current fitting rate is a flat fee of $250.00 (not including parts installation).  If you would like to schedule a fitting with us, please fill out the form below.  

"Fitting has been a god send.  I've got about 4.5 hours in the saddle between trainer and road ride.  No numbness at all. No issues with feeling like I'm slipping forward.  The one thing that I didn't expect was the huge difference in my calves.  I had just come to believe that sore calves was how it was supposed to feel when you start a brick.  My first brick was after a 3 hour trainer ride, and I was totally fine, no calf soreness at all." - Jeremy Warren (Tri Fitting Customer)

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What We Do:

Our fittings take a holistic approach to you as a rider and how we can help you achieve your cycling goals or solve your persistent aches. We use the SICI fit method to adapt you to your bicycle to make you the most efficient and or comfortable as possible. We focus on the Pedal Foot Interface to make sure you are maximizing your power output while balancing long term injury prevention. We then finish up with making sure your upper body is in an optimal place for what you are trying to achieve from your rides.

What To Expect:

We start with a conversation learning about you as a cyclist: what are your goals, how are you using your bicycle, and what injuries have you sustained in your past that could be affecting your performance now. We want to learn as much about you as possible so we can best make the right adjustments for you as a cyclist. From there we start with the pedal foot interface. We look at your feet and gate, we make sure your cleats are in the right place, the saddle is the right height, knees are in the correct position and how your knees track. Once we have this dialed we move to the saddle and the upper body making adjustments as possible. The saddle conversation is an ever important one and we believe you should be as comfortable as possible and not just tolerating what you have. There are so many saddles out there but our experts are trained in discussing what can work depending on your body type and riding style. This may sometimes take trying multiple saddles before we find the right match. We are committed to this and have implemented a 60 day trial period so you can try multiple options without having to purchase multiple saddles. We finish up our fitting with making sure your upper body is in line with what you are trying to achieve from cycling. This whole process can take as little as an hour and extend to over two.

What To Bring:

We want you to come prepared like you were going for a ride. Cycling shorts, shoes(if you clip), jersey, gloves and helmet. By seeing you in all your gear we can best make the right adjustments to improve your cycling experience.