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Do you have a full suspension MTB?  Have you serviced your suspension recently?  Did you know that Fox and RockShox recommend you service your fork every 50 hours?

When you ignore your regular suspension service, all that dirt and grit works its self into the inner workings of your shock or fork and can wreak havoc.  Wait too long and your suspension will be non-serviceable. 

A replacement RockShox Pike 150mm 29er fork would cost you around $900, the $70 lowers service for that fork is much more affordable.

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Your bicycle should be serviced regularly and if you are a heavy user your bike should be serviced more often.  A properly setup and tuned bike will function much better and sometimes even a simple chain lube will make or break your ride.  Our service professionals can help you determine how to best take care of your new or old bike.  Click below to message either of our service departments.

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