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Fat Bike the Berkshires

Just because there is snow on the ground doesn't mean you need to steer clear of the MTB trails.  Thanks to the advent of the fat bike, winter riding has become much more enjoyable.

Want updates for Pittsfield State Forest fatbike trail conditions?  Check the link below for the Berkshire Mountain Bikers Facebook page.

Support youth MTB & PSF fat bike trails

The crew over at the Berkshire Mountain Bikers work hard to make sure the family trails at PSF are ready to roll!  This all would not be possible without the help from a snow dog groomer and gas which is not free.  In the summer, the same crew is out in Springside park helping kids get psyched on mountain biking.  

Please consider donating to the Berkshire Mountain Bikers and the Berkshire Mountain Bike Training Series

Fat biking the Berkshires in the Berkshire Eagle

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